Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your services only offered to Caucasians?

Physical contacts are very intimate. Without going into details, I am very incomfortable with people who are not Caucasian, even if they are respectful and nice. It is visceral and I can not explain it any further than that.

Are your prices negotiable?

No, just like those of your psychologist or doctor. At the beginning of our time together, we will set its parameters. After that, when we are in our session, do not try to modify our limits without discussing it clearly with me first.

Can we meet outside our time together?

No. When we are together, you will really have the experience of being with a girlfriend or confidante, but don't get caught up in the game. I have all I need in my life and I do not seek to include you in it. This is not a dating web site. If you really are looking for a girlfriend, you will have to go elsewhere. In the same vein of ideas, I expect that, after our meeting, our communications will be about our next meeting. I will not be charmed if I receive "have a good night" messages or descriptions of how you felt during your day. We can talk about that in our next encounter - keep it to yourself for now.

Can we have sex without a condom?

Never. If you think like that, you are suffering from a momentary lapse in judgement.

Since I'm paying, I get to decide everything, right?

Not at all. When we get together I do not become a robot or your sex slave. I am your partner in a multidimensional and fun encounter. I do not expect to be spending time with a tyrant who thinks he can boss me around and do anything he wishes. If you are like that, we will see each other only once and the session risks being shortened.

Do you expect me to satisfy you sexually?

Heavens, no! Get that out of your head. We are together for your pleasure and only secondarily for mine. You are the center of my attention.You can tell me anything you wouldn't dare tell anyone else. You can feel totally at ease in confiding any of your expectations and worries so that I can best harmonize myself with you. In particular, you don't need to take those little pills in order to produce olympic performances which I do not expect and do not need. For those who shoot really fast, do not exhaust yourself befor our meeting. Tell me about it at the beginning of our meeting, and I will be very gentle with you. Finally, you will see that what you will remember will be our sincere human to human meeting of body and mind, not this or that performance.

Can I invite you to a restaurant or to accompany me to a show?

Yes, but only in via my companionship service. I will not go out with you just like that even if you are handsome, nice, and intelligent.