Schedule: mainly from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 with some exceptions during evenings and weekends.


Please read carefully what follows before communicating with me.

Even though I work as escort, I am a normal woman raising my children, seeing my friends, and taking time for me. Understand that I will not always reply immediately to your communications at every hour of the day and night. Understand also that I will not answer unplanned calls.

I am attentive to your communications and will answer you as soon as possible. Insisting will get you nowhere, it will only annoy me.

Dear serious client. You can not imagine how many non-clients who are not serious write to me just to discuss with an escort, or even worse, to tie me up in fake appointments. All of you, the serious and the others, look alike at the beginning. Your emails are the same and it is very difficult to separate the good from the bad. Difficult, but not impossible.

For the serious, here is how. It is very simple.

FIRST, you write to me seeking only one thing: setting up a precise date, time, and duration for our encounter. Our emails will only discuss this one subject. Do not ask me if I do this or that sexual act.  We discuss schedule. Period.

Once we see that a meeting is possible, and ONLY THEN, we must talk over the phone in order to discuss all details of our encounter and establish mutual trust.

For all the others who do not want to follow this simple procedure for serious clients, I offer you a paying email service, the Curious Rascal, described in more details elsewhere on this site.