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Men say that women should come with instructions. Here they are for your perusal


I accept Canadian and US (without conversion) currency only. I would kindly ask you to place it in evidence on the table adjacent to the bedroom door.

The rates are for my time only, and are not negotiable. All extra expenses incurred during our rendezvous are to be covered by you.


I will invite you to take a shower immediately at the beginning of the session. To freshen up with a wet towel is simply not sufficient. My sense of smell is quite sensitive so don't be afraid to get wet. You must use soap, shampoo, wear deodorant and have your nails trimmed. I am expecting your clothes to be just as clean as you.

Your breath has to be of utmost freshness. Meticulously brush your teeth, and don’t forget the tongue. The use of a mouthwash is also recommended. Drinking water helps to maintain a neat breath; as well as avoiding certain substances such as cigarette and garlic. 

You may expect the same courtesy on my part.


Your correspondence should demonstrate your professionalism and polite manners. DO NOT contact me using vulgar or explicit language, attempting to negotiate my donation or discussing sexual acts. Otherwise your message will be ignored, and our date will be cancelled. My aim is to incarnate the pleasure of man-woman relations in all its simplicity and immensity.

Punctuality, Duration and "Off-The-Clock" time

Please be respectful of my time; it is just as valuable as yours. My schedule is always heavily charged; therefore in the event that you are late, our rendezvous will finish as per the original agreement along with the full donation. 

Gentlemen always make an effort to leave on time. If you wish to shower prior to your departure, please do so before the end of our appointment, not when the time is up.

Do not invite me to hangout during my personal time: my time is never free. I am a paid companion who runs a serious business and I am only interested in mutual benefit encounters. Should you wish to go out for dinner and drinks, please view my Services page. 


I will give you my undivided attention during a booking, but once it is over, we both go back to our personal and private life. I don't appreciate receiving an incessant, unpaid amount of communication between our planned encounters. My time and attention are the very things that I sell, therefore if you have a desire for a more exclusive focus, we can discuss about a "virtual girlfriend experience" rate or my Curious Rascal service.

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